When you are watching other teams there are a few key factors you want to look for to help you beat them when the time comes.

Big Moves

Does this team have any big moves they like to make? Do they have a guy that runs to one of the 50’s off the break, or the snake consistently? If they have players that make the same move each game can you shoot that player off the break if you put multiple lanes on that player?

What is their Normal Breakout

What is there go to break out? If they have played 5 games did a couple guys go the same spot each time? Did they shoot the same lanes? Maybe those positions they are laning for are spots to avoid going to. Knowing their standard spots helps you make a more educated guess on where their front players will go.

Weakest Link

What is their weakness? Do they only send one player to the snake side (or doritto side)? If so could you dedicate multiple lanes to that player to ensure the elimination and send a player further on that side of the field to overpower the opponent?